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Bella (Pete/Rider)LET IT SNOW, Come On, LET'S GO!!!!! Bella (a Pete/Rider puppy) seems to relish her run in the winter wonderland. She was about 4 1/2 months old.

Riley, about a year old. This is his first trip to the snow. (Pete x Rae)

Riley fetches a Christmas Tree... GOOD BOY!

Tony in the snowTony (Pete x Angel) loves the snow. ANd doesn't he look so regal? Maybe he's the Snow King. Click on Tony's photo to visit his page.

Tony Snow NoseSnow Nose Tony... I think he's been making snow angels...

Tony loves the snow so much, he has his own SKI PASS!!! How cool is THAT?!

Tony as a puppy in his first snow fall...

Ginger in the snow...Here is Ginger (Pete x Roxy). Something got her attention--- must be a snow bunny!

Ginger, on the run!I think Ginger wants to try out for the Winter Olympics..

Ginger, Making her own tracksGinger almost looks like a coyote on the run here.... But really, she's making her OWN tracks, not just following everyone else's!

Another beautiful  photo, this is Bobo (Pete x Angel) when he was a puppy.

Bobo and TaniaHere's a great profile shot of Bobo. I think this was his first time in the snow...

Bailey, a Pete x Reign dog, SHE IS QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!

Rudy, a Pete x Soda puppy... at home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. (Thanks Pam!)

Chevy (Pete x Reign) with her family on a winter fun day! Click on the photo and go to Chevy's page.